The use of different devices in different situations is moving away from just being a convenience.  To be efficient, it becoming increasing important to be able to work on a computer, tablet or smartphone as the circumstances and personal preferences dictate. 

Four Benefits of Multi-Screen Working

LexRex was conceived after the widespread adoption of working on smartphones and tablets.  The User Interface has been designed with mobile working in mind – for instance, swiping through a long scrollable screen rather than navigating by tabs. 

The smartphone apps were built from the ground up as the application was developed to give full application functionality, as is practical on the smaller screen.  The apps were designed to take advantage of the functions that are generally available on smartphones.  It is easy to share any image, video, audio, scan on the smartphone to a LexRex case – as easy as sending a text.

Of course, phone calls are a key activity on smartphones, so where the operating systems allow, LexRex captures call information - like caller details, duration of call, whether incoming or outgoing – so that the call can be quickly logged in a case or client file.  They can even be marked as billable.

With voice-to-text functionality it’s practical to add details to call note, case notes, etc.

The apps are available in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and are included in the standard LexRex subscription – just create an account through the LexRex website.