Client & Contact Management

Communicating with, and recording all the necessary information about your clients, and other contacts, is at the heart of any good law firm. It should also be at the heart of your practice management software. LexRex uses best practices so you can see all your client communications – emails, letters, invoices, phone calls, etc.

A secure Client Portal can also be used to share Case Files, enabling secure uploading of documents, invoice delivery and online payments.

Case (Matter) Management

All key case information is presented in a single scrollable screen, providing an instant case summary. Each Case Dashboard includes meetings, documents, emails, calls, tasks, expenses, etc. along with a timeline that shows the case progress. On the main Dashboard a summary of all activities associated with your cases lets you know what is being done by whom on each of your cases.

Case Customization allows law firms to structure case files with the fields they want to reflect their practice areas, organizational structure and preferred ways of working and terminology (e.g. label them as Matters).

Activity & Time Tracking

Whether you bill by the hour or not, it’s important to track where time is spent and what has been achieved. LexRex is designed so users can quickly and easily capture time as they work on activities – whether that’s completing a task, attending a meeting or taking a phone call. 

Billing and Payments

LexRex supports four different billing arrangements:

  • Hourly billing 
  • Flat Case Fee
  • Fee per Activity (e.g. court date, task, etc.) 
  • Contingency 

You can quickly produce professional, branded invoices for either your entire practice or an individual case activity with just a few clicks.

You can quickly get paid using LexRex online payments or take advantage of the payment options in third party applications, such as Quickbooks Online, with our robust two-way integration.