Principle 1 - Efficient Core Processes

Provide market leading support for the key high-level and interrrelated processes that law firms must manage well:

  • Client Management
  • Case Management 
  • Record activitiy progress and time undertaken
  • Billing and Payments



Principle 2 - User Customization

Provide simple but comprehensive customization, so that law firms can manage their processes to align with their practice areas, preferred ways of working and organizational structure.

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Principle 3 - Robust, Easy Integrations

Provide easy to implement and robust integrations with key productivity and business applications that add value to many law firms.

Integrations include:

  • Quickbooks
  • Box, Google Drive
  • MS Exchange - email, calendar, etc.
  • Google - email, calendar, etc.

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Principle 4 - Multi-Device Application

Fully support the anywhere, any device working, that delivers many advantages to attorneys. The user interface is designed to support multi-device working practices. Apps are fully utilizing the functionality that is available in each device type. 

Dedicated apps are availble, free with a subscription, for

  • iOS / iPhone
  • Android

Four Benefts of Multi-Screen Use